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Partnering with you to help your clients create, find, or sell the home of their dreams
with a housewarming gift, pre-listing consulting, styling packages, and ride-along services.


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Housewarming gift

Take the guesswork out of finding the perfect housewarming gift for your client and
give them what they really need - a beautifully designed home. 

With the gift of an interior design consultation, your client will get the advice they need
for remodeling, furniture configurations, color decisions or DIY coaching and more.  

Three levels to choose from, and PAY NOTHING if the client starts a project with RRI following the consultation. That means you can give this thoughtful present for FREE
in most cases! You’ll only be billed for the consultation if your client chooses to
take advantage of your gift but doesn’t need to kick off any projects* at the time.

Upon your request, you’ll receive a set of 50 pre-printed certificates for
levels 1 & 2. Just provide your headshot and any personalized message. Level 3
gifts will benefit from a certificate tailored just for your top-tier client.


Level 1 - $189

One-hour on-site consultation. Great for small houses and condos. This special
consultation package is available exclusively to realtors like you, meaning I don’t
even offer it to my own clients!

Level 2 - $325

Two-hour on-site consultation. We accomplish a lot during this meeting! This
consultation is available reduced from the market price of $399.

Level 3 - $500+

For the client who deserves the best, we can work together to create a custom
package for them starting with the 2-hour on-site consultation and adding a
deliverable or two such as floorplan options or a moodboard.

*$1000 project minimum


Pre-listing Consultations

When designer insight is needed to help your clients get their home ready for listing, a
pre-listing consultation is a great way to go. During a pre-listing design consultation, we'll review the house with your clients to identify must-fix and ideal-to-fix items in order for it to go for sale. We'll also assess their existing furnishing if needed for staging purchases to identify what might work if you want me to come back to stage and prep the house for listing photos and tours.

I'll spend up to two hours with you offering information openly and by the time we're done, your project will already be started! In some cases, larger or more complicated homes may require more than two hours for a full assessment, we should address and right size the time scheduled prior to the meeting, so I book enough time for you.

Time spent over 2 hours will be billed at your reduced realtor rate ($125). If your client is paying directly for my time, let me know and we can go from there, as they will be charged market rates for consultations and hours billed.



If your client has beautiful furniture, eliminating the need for full staging, RRI can help with the process of getting the home ready for sale by styling for photos and open houses, so the home looks its best more quickly and cost effectively. We’ll start with a pre-listing consultation and go from there!

Designer ride-along

The real estate market in the greater Seattle area has experienced a shift in recent months bringing some balance into a heavily seller’s market. But with more inventory comes more choice, indecision and hesitation from your buyers. Offering a service of ride-along design consultations can help provide your clients the vision they need to picture themselves living in the home.

I know that not everyone can see what can be, so much like Joanna Gaines provides a vision to home buyers touring houses on Fixer Upper, I can provide the same to your clients. From remodeling advice to layout suggestions, I can help your client imagine the possibilities and find the home that's right for them - making your job a lot easier! 

RRI offers per house, half day and full day rates depending on your client's needs and home viewing schedule. Reach out for more information!

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