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Clients often come to an architect not understanding that they also need to engage and interior designer, and that's not you! You don't want to spend time picking out paint colors and soft furnishing and other finishing or even thinking about the aesthetic flow through the space. That's where I come in! There are several ways we can work together to benefit your business - from getting the aesthetic piece taken care of for your clients to ensuring that all of your project photos sing. Read on to learn more!


Referral Program

You don't want to spend time picking out a faucet, right? Send your client to work with me - alleviating yourself of any interior design. I will work with them much as I do with any other client while working together closely with you on the comprehensive design plan. Your clients will have a clear vision into the structural changes or additions you're designing and interior visual concepts I bring to the table from the beginning.

Referrals go both ways. A strong working relationship between us would ensure I trust you enough to bring you in on my own projects where it makes sense regionally and budget-wise. I am looking to build my trusted A-team and would love to consider you.


Offering interior design services to your client without bringing on a full-time interior designer to your company can be fully beneficial to your business and your clients. Adding me to your team under the umbrella of your business turns your firm into a one-stop shop for clients - your architecture skills coupled with my interior design expertise will give your clients a comprehensive design plan for their projects. This partnership ensures you will have a fully-baked design plan for the builder or contractor to execute - no need for you to pick paint colors, etc. for client approval. You'll also be creating a review stream.

Partnering with Rebecca Rowland Interiors will increase your firm's revenue flow through markup on discounted design fees and potentially product sales as well. You could either pass to the client or take the opportunity to mark up to my market rate when you invoice them.

This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship - let's get together and chat!


Add some life to your projects photos for your portfolio or to submit for awards. A picture is worth a thousand words as they say, so ensure your photos are telling the right story. Adding some styling and personality to your bathroom remodel or fireplace update can make all the difference in the world.

Rebecca Rowland Interiors can make your work sing! I will come to your project site with all the styling props we need to make the project look its best for its moment in the spotlight, so you can win come award season or land that next big project!

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