One Room Challenge Week 5: A Seattle Porch Makeover

You know how you're supposed to pick your battle? Well, when it comes to being married to Joe, I'm a pro at it. I'm used to getting my way, and it's much easier to do that if I don't get my way ALL of the time. So I choose the things I'm okay losing out on. Like I REALLY really want a wine fridge, because I'm a member at two Washington wineries and have a lot of wine that I'd like to store properly. Joe says to wait, so I wait. I don't NEED it right now. I'm perfectly fine drinking the wine, and I know I'll get that wine fridge eventually - so basically it's a delayed victory. It's a strategy that works for me - giving Joe small victories, so I can have the big ones that I really want when I need them.

What does that have to do with this week's update for the One Room Challenge? Well, we're down to the wire. This is the last update before the big reveal. It's also just three full days before the photoshoot. The remaining list of to dos is staggering and one of them is kind of central to my makeover. The front door.

Last week I mentioned my primary palette for this project is white, cream, and blush. Well, blush or some shade thereabouts is the color I want to transform my door. Joe knew this all along until he didn't. Man-memory is a funny thing. Joe's sister came over to check out the progress and I mentioned the door- she chuckled about the pink door and asked Joe how he felt about it. Suddenly he wasn't so excited. Sigh, here I was thinking he was so progressive about not caring that we have a "feminine" color on the door and then he pulls a reversi. Well, rest assured this is a battle I'm choosing. And one way or another, we will have a new door color come photoshoot day. One way, being me painting it whilst on the hinges and making it look good. The other way being Joe taking the door down, prepping it, spraying it, and making it look excellent. Which way do you think he'll choose?

In other news, I'm MOSTLY finished painting my porch. I would have finished, but I have a big presentation tomorrow that has required full attention, like I shouldn't be writing this post write now kind of attention. So I finished laying all the stenciled tile, but my dilemma right now is whether or not to lay faux grout lines. I think it will be better if I do, BUT because I didn't tile perfectly, the lines may draw more attention to it. The indecision train is a powerful vehicle to crazy town.

We're almost done painting the furniture - just the porch swing yet to go. I'm most excited about my porch swing. If we'd had more time, Joe would have built a new one, but it's good for now. I just can't wait to have it back hanging on the porch. You guys it was in the 70s today, and I just wanted to sit on the porch, drink rose and work - that's weeknight paradise! I'm already planning BBQs over the next few weeks to celebrate this baby being done. I just have to get through the next 72 hours. That's all. 72 little hours.

To aid in my success, I've hired a small team from Casa Latina - an excellent local resource connecting day labor with those in need of it while also ensuring fair wages and skilled labor, to help me with the landscaping side of things, so I can focus on the styling. I've gone on a few shopping excursions and haven't had the best luck finding what's in my mind's eye. If I'd planned better for this, I would have sourced fabrics and had all the cushions custom made, but since that's not possible now, it'll be fun to see what I come up with over the next few days…

Sorry for the lack of pics this week - a casualty of the aforementioned presentation for tomorrow!!! Stay tuned though - the fun is all to be revealed next week!