A Whole New Blog

It's weird how difficult it's been for me (Rebecca) to get this blog live. How do you introduce this thing to the world where you plan to share all the tips and tricks and beautiful things that have been floating around your brain and photo gallery for so long? It wasn't until I met Emily Henderson today that I realized how lame my reason was for not just pushing it out, because I said that reason out loud to one of the best design bloggers out there. Her expression said everything. Let's just say I walked away from that meeting with a mission.  So here we are with this bliggity blog. And. It. Is. Live.

What can you expect?

For the price of reading one blog, you get TWO contributors (for now - there are plans to add more down the road). I'm Rebecca Rowland, of Rebecca Rowland Interiors, a Seattle-based design firm. You can read more about me here! Alicia Terry, my best biz buddy and girl boss extraordinaire, is my partner on Puddle + Rain. She's the Rain to my Puddle and the Puddle to my Rain. Or whatever. You can learn more about her here. Together we'll be putting together all the content that we think you might enjoy from home décor with befores, afters, and journeys, best of Seattle food, top Seattle shops, top Seattle hot spots and greater Seattle area real estate, to travel and beauty. This is no one note blog. You'll get a bit of everything here. We'll sprinkle in videos and lots of great photos. Hopefully you'll learn something new, see something pretty, and stick along for the ride.